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Who we are

Magshimim Properties initiates and promotes urban renewal projects, building restorations, and projects under the terms of Israel’s National Outline Plan 38 (NOP 38), which provides various benefits for promoters and homeowners in return for strengthening buildings against earthquakes. The company is also involved in new construction projects around Israel.

Magshimim Properties was founded by Arthur Mankovich and Erez Dayan Harbagiu, entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of real estate and industry. After an acquaintance spanning many years, they decided to join forces and leverage their experience in order to create an innovative and leading real estate company.

The company has a solid commercial and financial base and maintains strategic partnerships with carefully-selected professionals with proven experience in implementing real estate projects in general and NOP 38projects in particular.

Magshimim Properties Properties is Israel’s leading company in the field of urban renewal through NOP 38 projects. The company’s quality control system has been inspected and reviewed by the Israel Standards Institute and has been found to conform to the requirements of theIsraeli and international standards SI:ISO 9001:2008.

Magshimim Properties focuses on the needs and dreams of the people behind each project. At every stage of its work, the company is guided by the values of transparency, mutual respect, and cooperation.

We believe that the secret to the successful planning and implementation of any real estate project, and particularly NOP 38 projects, lies in understanding the residents’ needs. To this end, the company has developed a unique working model that sees the residents as full partners in the process, from the preliminary feasibility studies through completion of construction and maintenance of the renovated building. This approach helps to create a pleasant living environment that significantly improves the residents’ quality of life.

Arthur Mankovich – Joint CEO

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Arthur has rich experience in the fields of management, marketing, and the capital market. Among other positions, he served in the past as assistant CEO in Israel’s National Roads Company (formerly the Public Works Department). Over the years he has filled various positions in family companies active in real estate, industry, insurance, and other fields.

Arthur specializes in the practical, management, and logistical aspects of real estate projects in general and NOP 38 projects in particular. He is responsible for the financial and management aspects of the company’s projects and takes pride in attending to the smallest details.

Erez Dayan Harbagiu – Joint CEO

Personal photos_193x182_19Erez holds a BA in engineering, an MBA from the College of Academic Management Studies, and an MA in science with a major in financing from the City University of New York. He also holds a diploma in construction project management from the Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion).

Erez has served in various management positions in the family companies over the years, including in the fields of industry, real estate, and education. In preparation for the establishment of Magshimim Properties, he undertook a series of examinations and studies in the field of strengthening buildings against earthquakes and the ways this process is implemented by companies in the Israeli market.

As part of this process, Erez gained an in-depth understanding of all the procedures involved in NOP 38 projects, the construction methods used in Israel and around the world, and ways these could be improved. Erez now applies this professional knowledge in his management work in the company.

Mirit Mankovich – Deputy CEO, Marketing

Personal photos_193x182_9Magshimim Properties and is responsible for the fields of content, advertising, and client relations. Among other aspects, Mirit coordinates the contacts between the clients and the different bodies in the field, provides regular updates, and implements the company’s unique worldview, based on transparency, mutual respect, and cooperation.

Mirit holds a BA in business management from the College of Academic Management Studies with a major in financing and marketing, and an MBA with a major in advertising and marketing. Before joining Magshimim Properties, Mirit served as the client relations manager at an investment company in the First International Bank of Israel.

Mirit’s extensive experience in working with the company’s clients and with bodies in the field have given her a profound understanding of the needs and desires of different clients. She applies this knowhow in all aspects of her work with clients, providing a professional response while ensuring that each individual enjoys personal attention.

Attorney Ronny Karduner, Legal Advisor

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Ronny served in the Military Advocate General’s Corps during his compulsory military service and now performs reserve duty in the field of international law. In 2012 he received a prize from the army for his work. Ronny supervises the company’s contractual undertakings and provides advice on all the legal aspects of its projects and activities. He also provides the company’s clients with legal advice in the course of their working relationship with Magshimim Properties.


Motti Balchar – Customer Service Department

Personal photos_193x182_13Motti’s role in our Customer Service Department is to accompany residents throughout the process and to ensure an accessible and readily-available response to any question.

Motti is also responsible for documenting the various stages of the project, assuring compliance with the company’s values and the provision of high-quality service for the residents.

The Customer Service Department of Magshimim Properties coordinates information from all the professional functions and is committed to ensuring  ongoing and personal contact with every resident.

Our values

Putting people at the center

We in realizing assets believe that in the whole process of going to people with desires, needs and dreams. Therefore, our customers are always at the center of and we make sure that the company values ​​will be reflected in all the way.

Fairness and mutual respect. This is the basis of our work together. It is important for us that each project was launched after receiving full consent of all the owners and we respect every comment and request along the way. We make sure to provide you with an accurate picture of the situation regarding the options available to you and about the meaning of any decision taken.

Partnership and transparency. We see ourselves as your partners in the process. Therefore, all decisions, elections and deliberations are done with you. To this end, we also developed dedicated tools constitute a channel of communication open between you and us.

Simplicity. We make sure that all the documents and plans will be presented to you will be free from vague formulations and with no small print and that each project phase will be clear and understandable.

Innovation. The construction process of realizing assets are based on the latest trends in design, construction and architectural design in the world. Project management and work processes are made ​​using advanced methods of surveillance and control, create full coordination between the various parties.

Professionalism and compliance with obligations. We are committed to the highest professional standards, and choose to do this the right professionals to each project. These standards are reflected in the detailed construction plan and three-dimensional simulations obtained prior to starting the project, and of course the results of the field is completed. We are careful to meet all the deadlines set out – from my time to making meetings and regular updates.

Creativity and thinking about the little details. Invested a lot of thought and creative design and construction, to reflect the unique personal touch of the people involved in the project and the existing environment. We are careful to observe even the smallest details – it is they who make the difference.

That’s how it is when people build people.


our vision

Your home – our activity

Your house, who has been with you for many years, contains everything important to you – family, children, daily life experiences and memories shared. In addition, the house should defend and protect you and your property for many years. Should then, that the role the treatment in the best hands.

Realizing assets aims to lead to the initiation and development in the field of urban renewal in Israel, believing that this is the basis for improving the living culture and quality of life of residents.

We the family of realizing assets see quite clearly first of all the people behind the whole process and emphasize the values ​​of mutual respect and cooperation in all phases of action.

We believe that the process of the construction and upgrading of buildings within the framework of real estate projects and plan 38 in particular should be accessible, simple and understandable for all those who choose to participate. We are working to change the situation in the area of Plan No. 38 in Israel, with the aim that more and more buildings will take part in the process of renewal and change in the living environment, and are safe and resistant to earthquakes.

According to our view, the correct process begins with understanding the desires, dreams and needs of homeowners. We see ourselves as partners in your path so every step in the process is carried out with the full involvement of the owners. To this end, and in the belief that transparency is a key value, we made ​​available a number of communication channels through which you can receive updates and to get in touch with the leading team of the project company. At the same time we are always working to improve the service experience for our customers.

We Magshimim assets are working to implement creative solutions that integrate with the existing environment while creating an atmosphere and style up to date. From our perspective, attention to the smallest detail is what makes the difference. We are your partner for renewal.

That’s how it is when people build people.


Our projects

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Magshimim Properties initiates and manages a diverse portfolio of real estate projects in Israel, with an emphasis on developing and promoting urban renewal.

We work in the heart of long-established neighborhoods that face a serious shortage of land for residential construction. Within this setting, Magshimim Properties establishes and upgrades buildings while carefully maintaining the unique character and atmosphere of each neighborhood. We aim to help the residents to upgrade their homes without having to leave their familiar and loved surroundings.

Magshimim Properties is implementing NOP 38 projects in several cities around Israel. The company also manages unique conservation projects and promotes urban building plans for projects intended for young families.

Each project pays careful attention to the needs of all those involved and to the existing surroundings.

Magshimim Properties

invests careful and creative thought in the planning and construction stages, examining possibilities for the integration of progressive Green building methods in order to save energy and maximize the use of resources. Our goal is to create a pleasant living environment for the residents that brings together atmosphere, style, and quality of life.

In order to keep disruption to a minimum during the building stage, we place great emphasis on working during clearly-defined hours. We leave the site clean at the end of each day and do not allow building refuse to accumulate. In order to maximize the residents’ confidence in the process, we provide guarantees and securities for the implementation of the project and take out full insurance covering all stages of construction.

Magshimim Properties: People Building for People