Moving home? Don’t forget to let everyone know!

Moving home always brings it fair share of hassle, arrangements, and excitement. In order to save some of the headaches, make sure to let all the service providers and authorities have your new address well in advance, from the Interior Ministry to the Israel Electric Company. Here are some tips on how to this as efficiently as possible.

Moving home is about more than just relocating your possessions, furniture, and your family to a new address. In order to complete the move you’ll need to update all the relevant service providers and institutions. This includes cable and/or satellite television companies, internet service providers, the Israel Electric Company, Israel Post, and the Interior Ministry. That’s the way to make sure that we continue to receive all the services we need in our new home.

It’s a pain to deal with all this, of course, but it’s comforting to know that today most of the notifications, including change of address, can be made online or over the phone, avoiding the need to go to the different offices in person. Commercial companies, government ministries, and service providers have informational websites including personal zones protected by passwords where you can update your personal details immediately. In some cases you may need to download and print a form to make the changes. Many companies offer special packages for people moving home including various services and benefits.

Some suppliers only need notification of a move a day or two in advance. However, you will need to notify companies providing communications infrastructure 14-30 days in advance. This will ensure that the technician will come the day you move, so that you do not find yourself without an internet or telephone connection.

Who should I tell first?

In order to make sure that you don’t forget an important supplier, we suggest that you prepare a list of all your service providers and tick each one after you’ve updated them.

Interior Ministry – updating your address at the Interior Ministry’s Population Authority should be one of your top priorities, since different governmental institutions and official bodies use the information held by the Authority. It does not cost anything to update your address, but you need to go in person to one of the Population Authority offices around Israel. Don’t forget to take the following documents:

The paper slip accompanying the identity card of the person requesting the change.

The paper slips of all the family members for whom the change is requested.

A change of address form, completed as required. Click here to download the form.

Telephone, television, and internet – major communication suppliers such as Bezeq, HOT, and YES provide online forms enabling customers to update their addresses and to schedule a visit by a technician on moving day. Visit the relevant websites and complete the form. We strongly recommend that you submit the forms about two weeks before moving to an existing apartment, and one month in the case of a newly-constructed apartment or home. The suppliers offer special packages of services and benefits for those moving home.

Israel Post – the Israel Post is one of the first bodies you should notify when moving home. Israel Post offers a “follow me” service, ensuring that any item addressed to you at your old address is forwarded to your new home for the first 10 months. The service includes a computerized system for updating the address with various official institutions, organizations, and companies, such as HMOs, insurance companies, customer clubs, and mobile phone companies that have joined the agreement. Click here to join the service.

Israel Electric Company – when moving to a new apartment it is important to check whose name appears on the electricity bill and whether the previous tenant left a debt. Transferring the electricity account includes two stages:

Preparing a final bill for the previous tenant – call the Electric Company on 103 and quote the contract number that appears on the electricity bill and the current meter reading. Ask them to prepare a final bill so that you are not expected to cover the previous tenant’s expenses.

Transferring the electricity account into your name – gibe your name, identity card number, and telephone number to the 103 call center so that the charge will be transferred to your name on future electricity bills. An administrative and registration fee will be paid for this service. If the type of electricity consumption has also changed (from domestic to commercial, or vice versa), make sure to inform the Electric Company so that you are charged at the appropriate tariff.

Water – arranging for the payment of water and sewage bills is possible by fax or by means of an online form on the website of your local water corporation. As in the case of the Electric Company, it is important to contact the water corporation in advance and make sure that the previous tenant notified the municipality, signed a declaration stating the meter reading, and closed their account.

Gas supplier – if you are moving to a private home or to an apartment with its own gas canisters, you should be aware that you are entitled to change supplier and to purchase gas from any authorized supplier (the list of authorized suppliers in Israel appears on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Water). Bear in mind that the initial connection cost includes a deposit for the equipment. In order to cancel the agreement with the current gas supplier, you must send written notification to the company. In the case of an apartment building with a central gas system, you must notify the supplier that you are leaving, and of course update the supplier in your new apartment.

Magazines/newspapers – if you have subscriptions to daily newspapers or magazines, you can update your address on their website or by calling the subscriber department of the relevant publication (Ha’aretz, Yediot Acharonot, Jerusalem Post, etc.) In most cases the address will be updated within 48 hours).

Credit companies and cell phone operators – cell phone operators (Orange, Cellcom, Pelephone, Golan, etc.) and credit companies (Isracard, Visa-CAL, and LeumiCard) all enable customers to change their contact details in the personal service sections of their websites. If you prefer you can also update the information by calling the customer service centers.

HMOs – you can update your address immediately by submitting an online form through the personal service section of the HMO’s website or by telephoning the customer service center.

Insurance companies and pension funds – it is important to update the insurance companies that manage your pension funds, savings funds (keren hishtalmut), and your home, vehicle, and mortgage insurance so that you continue to receive letters and reports. Moving home without updating the company prevents communication and may even lead to the loss of money or pension rights. Make sure that the insurance company updates all its subsidiaries and departments (pension fund, savings fund, keren hishtalmut, etc.) The details can be updated in the personal service section of the website, by telephone, or by fax.