NOP 38 Examination for Your Home

Before starting – meet and Mdbrimtm”a 38 apartment provides you with an opportunity to make a reinforcement of your home so that it is resistant to earthquakes , while also creating an enhanced living environment pleasant and improve the quality of life.

Upgrading the building process begins checking compliance plan 38. In this context , the inquiry to us , deserve a representative from fulfilling assets and examines whether the building meets the criteria as part of the initial implementation project plan 38 .

After this initial testing will get us an update about the suitability of your building plan 38. If we find that the building meets the criteria , a company representative will coordinate a meeting and compatible expectations between you and the professionals of the company . In this session you will receive a comprehensive explanation of the process and you can ask questions , requests and consulting . In addition , you will receive detailed information on planning aspects , guarantees and collateral that are offered to implement the project .

האם מדינת ישראל ערוכה לרעידת אדמה עוצמתית? מגשימים נכסים
After the meeting, the apartment owners agreed to, we will formulate a detailed proposal for you to perform, it will take into consideration the needs and wants of each and every one. This proposal will include architectural sketches, opinions of Constructor and other advisors about options for strengthening the building and upgrading, technical specifications and imagery of the building after the end of the process. At the same time will be agreed upon commercial and legal conditions necessary to jump-start the process. We Magshimim properties see you as our partners in all respects. The company operates in accordance with the values ​​of transparency and mutual respect, we make sure that throughout the entire process will be accompanied by a personal contact, will be available for you every question, need or request and will assist in providing solutions to various problems. In addition you will receive regular updates on progress every step of the project, update channels of your choice.

That’s how it is when people build people .

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