NOP 38

Strengthening buildings, upgrading the quality of life Israel is situated on the Syrian-African rift and is therefore a high-risk earthquake zone. Despite this, only half of the existing buildings in Israel are strong enough to resist the potential damage caused by a serious earthquake.

The government has initiated National Outline Plan 38 (NOP 38) – a national outline plan for strengthening buildings against earthquakes. The plan is intended for buildings constructed before January 1, 980, most of which do not meet resistance standards and are defined as at high risk of collapse of serious damage in the event of a strong earthquake.

The plan includes various incentives to strengthen buildings, such as additional construction rights on top of the building or by closing the open ground floor (in the case of buildings constructed on pillars). Since most apartment owners cannot afford the costs involved, a promoter strengthens and renovates the building in return for receiving these incentives. Where possible, the promoter also builds extensions to the existing apartments.

Amendment 2 to NOP 38 provides an alternative option whereby the existing building is demolished and a new, earthquake-resistant building constructed. The process includes the approval of building extensions as well as tax benefits. The residents move to temporary accommodation during the building work, after which they enjoy a new apartment planned and designed according to the agreement with the promoter.

As an apartment owner, NOP 38 offers you an opportunity to reinforce your home against earthquakes while at the same time creating a pleasant living environment and upgrading your quality of life.


“Magshimim Properties” offers residents a complete and thorough program for NOP projects, including:”

  • Strengthening the building and repair of shelter
  • Recent exterior renovation and aesthetic
  • Replacing the external infrastructure (water, sewage , electricity and gas )
  • The possibility of increasing apartments by building extensions or security rooms ( safe room )
  • Elevator , lobby and stairwell new
  • Landscaping including garden designed and new access paths
  • Regulation of real-estate registration in accordance with changes
  • Regulation of condominium regulations in order to preserve the house in his new

As part of the demolition and reconstruction option, we offer residents a dramatic upgrade in their quality of life. This process includes constructing new apartments, each with its own apartment protected space, sun balcony, and parking place, all to a high architectural standard. We provide funding for temporary accommodation and guarantees in accordance with the Sales Law for the new apartments. In this option, too, we update the building registration and regulations.

At the end of each project makes sure  realizing assets  for regulating the condominium rules , in favor of new residents and old building . Regulation of the regulations helps to ensure that the new building will be preserved condition that it be managed in agreement and good neighborly relations .

We are in  realizing assets  believe that the process plan 38 should be accessible , simple and understandable for all those who choose to participate. We see ourselves as partners in your path so each step is carried out with the cooperation and full involvement of owners . to this end we have developed a number of communication channels through which customers can receive regular updates on the status of the project . During this process there will be regular meetings with residents to update progress , accompanied by a personal contact person from the company .

We are working to implement creative solutions that integrate with the existing environment and create a lifestyle -date . From our perspective , attention to the smallest detail is what makes the difference .

We are your partner for renewal .

That’s how it is when people build people.

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