Terms & Conditions and terms of use of “Magshimim Nekhasim”

This web site (the “Site”), developed by OOO “Magshimim Nekhasim” (hereinafter: the “Company”) and / or on behalf allows you (hereinafter “user”) to receive information and / or different content related to the company’s business – real estate – as well as the possibility of obtaining information in various fields, including TAMA-38, urban renewal, real estate, etc.

By using this site companies’ Magshimim Nekhasim “you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Use

  • Customer agreement on the use of the site is your agreement on the viewing and / or downloading of information and / or perform various actions and / or information and / or content and / or services for which information is general in nature and provided to your attention through the site.
  • If you do not agree to the terms of the user agreement, you may not use this site in any way, and we ask you not to use it for any purpose. If you use the site in any way, alone and / or by your representative and / or on your behalf, you agree to all the terms of use set forth in the agreement fully.
  • All content and / or information contained on this website is intended for both men and women. Said in this agreement applies equally to both sexes, and the use of online access in the masculine only for the sake of convenience.
  • According We explain that if you signed an agreement with the company and / or intend to sign it, use of the site and / or its content and / or information placed on it, is not a replacement of the written agreement.
  • As a service provided by a company of the content and / or information provided to us is an individual, and access to it is available only through the registration and obtaining personal password. If you are interested to get information and / or these services receive them due to registration by filling in the electronic documents of the company, in addition to which you must fulfill the conditions set out below.
  • If you have received a user name and a personal password, it is intended for your personal use and you may not transfer your user name and password to any third party. The company recommends that you maintain the privacy of your data, and if you know or you fear your privacy breach any third party, we ask you to immediately inform us about it. We emphasize that you are solely responsible for any use of your personal data. In general, the company recommends that you change your password and update as often as possible, and to avoid the transmission of your data to another person.
  • Transmitting any data via the Site and / or in person, the data must be complete and accurate, and the fact of their transmission is a confirmation from your side of their accuracy and correctness.
  • According to the company says that it has the right at any time, in accordance with its considerations to block your access to the Site and / or any service company. Without belittling the above rights of the company, we explain that in any case of violation of the law and / or the terms of use and / or malicious acts and / or use of profanity and / or attempts to sabotage and / or penetration into the computer and / or server and / or information users. All this is in addition to legal measures, which the company will be entitled to take against the violation and / or infringement of the law and / or property, including intellectual property.
  • The company “Magshimim” reserves the right to amend this Agreement and / or its change at any time without any advance warning and / or notice. By using this site, you agree to this condition, and agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement and / or any amendments thereof.

Additional terms of use

  • The user can use the site in its current state (“as is”) and / or including any changes in the future, as amended in accordance with the Company’s discretion.
  • The site can be placed links to other sites and / or web pages and / or information relating to any third party.
  • You acknowledge that the content of the site and / or information relating to any third party are not any advice and / or recommendations on behalf of the Company and / or its representatives.
  • To remove any doubt the company says that the information contained on this website is of a general nature and is not, and is not intended to serve any kind of substitute for professional advice, including legal counsel and / or architect and / or engineer. Thus, the user can not be any claims and / or claims with respect to the Site and / or the company and / or to the operators of the site and / or their representatives.
  • User understands and acknowledges that he had a full opportunity to consult with any known him a certified specialist before he took any direct and / or indirect action on the content and / or information posted on the website. The user acknowledges that he takes full responsibility and / or risks in connection with any use of the Site and / or the content located on it, as in the case of errors and / or omissions and / or errors and / or incorrect information and / or any Other inconsistencies found on the site.


  • Any information and / or content and / or design and / or applications and / or services contained on this website are the property of, including – intellectual, companies, and are protected by copyright and / or other intellectual property rights of the company and / or its representatives.
  • The company allows the user to use the site only in person and for personal use.
  • Prohibited any commercial use of these data without prior written permission.
  • You may not copy and / or reproduce and / or modify and / or redistribute the site and / or its contents, except for the case in which the company has given its prior written approval to do so.
  • You acknowledge that any use of the Site will meet your declaration, according to which you do not perform any action that carries a violation of the terms of use and / or the User Agreement and / or any property rights, including intellectual property and / or copyright and / or any other law.
  • To use the Internet and / or actuate certain applications you need to use a variety of programs provided by a third party. Please, make sure that you were in the presence of a valid license entitling them to use these programs.
  • If the use of certain services you will need to use the company and / or a third party, to which we refer you for the use of this program, you are required to act in accordance with the law and in particular – in accordance with the license terms and / or terms and conditions of this program . The use of any program is not proof of legality of its use. In any case, all the rights, including intellectual property rights, these programs belong to the company and / or a third party and are not provided and / or transmitted to the user.
  • When to use the program you need to make a payment in accordance with the law, you should make it. In any case, you are obliged to act in accordance with the law and avoid any action that could lead to a violation of intellectual property rights and / or copyrights.
  • If you contact us in writing and / or suggest any idea, the company reserves the right to use and / or reject your idea and / or treatment. You agree that the company will be able to use your treatment and / or idea without any obligation and / or requirements and / or payment, including the publication and / or distribution and / or improve the software and / or the Site and / or activities company.

Information from third parties and / or links to and / or from users

  • In any case, your treatment and / or referral to the information and / or content and / or services of third parties, be aware that we do not accept any responsibility for them, and they are available and / or provided exclusively by third parties. Even if the company will provide a link and / or access and / or redirection on these sites, explained that the company has no relation to these sites and / or web pages and / or content posted on them.
  • The company can afford, within the activities on the site, participate in the forum and / or blog and / or any content, you can share ideas with other users and / or content.
  • The company has no immediate and / or complete and / or delayed control and / or the possibility of controlling the activities of visitors. All content posted on the site by users express their personal opinion, and only they are responsible for its placement. If the company wants, she will have the right to edit and / or modify and / or delete content and / or promises and / or product and / or photos and / or videos in its sole discretion and for any reason it deems appropriate.
  • Any idea and / or content and / or the product uploaded to any of the visitors, will be used by and / or others as a license to copy and / or reproduction and / or use of this content and / or work. And all this without any payment and / or fee and irrevocably.
  • During the upload content and / or photographs and / or images and / or work, you must make sure that you have and / or have a full right to such content and / or photographs and / or images and / or work.
  • Advertising and / or banners and / or links and / or content presented on the site, expressing his personal opinion placing individuals and the company assumes no responsibility for them and / or their authenticity and / or their reliability. You should take this into account in any contract with the third party.
  • If you are a third person interested in placing information on the website, you should contact the company and get its prior written consent. It is possible that the arrangement of information on the site is due to payment. It is forbidden to post and / or offer links to other websites without the consent of the company.

Information security and privacy

  • You are required to understand that communication with the site of the company takes place through the Internet, so there is a risk that the information gets to third parties, whether in bad faith and / or in error and / or intentionally and / or as a result of errors and / or breaking and / or infiltration, and / or any other method.
  • The Company can not verify all the information found on the Internet, so you declare that the use and / or know that you can use protection and / or security from viruses and / or penetration and / or means of duplication of information, and so on. d.
  • The company will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information that you in accordance with the law will pass it. However, we may disclose your information to collection of money and / or enforce our rights and / or in accordance with the law.
  • You have to know that any information you submit to us will be stored in a computerized database. You are in no way obliged to supply us with this information, but you must know that if you do not give us certain information, we can not provide you with certain services.
  • The information you provide will allow us to contact you and offer our marketing and / or promotional information in order to promote activities and / or transactions and / or to obtain more information from you. You acknowledge that the purpose of your requests to us is to establish contact with the company, and the company will have the right to contact you through the communication channels offered by you.
  • We explain that any personal information, the website user can be stored and / or placed in accordance with the purpose and / or request and / or the context in which this information was transmitted.


  • If the company and / or the site does not use any right given to him by law and / or the contract and / or agreement and / or conditions of use, it does not constitute a waiver of rights and / or claims.
  • Company and / or its representatives and / or its employees will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to users of the website and / or their representatives in any case, including the circumstances that are beyond the control of the company, such as war and / or force majeure and / or fire, unauthorized access of third parties and / or hackers, etc.
  • You know that the information and / or services and / or availability of the site and / or their quality depends on technological factors that can not be controlled by the site. You do not show any claims and / or claims against the company over the loss and / or loss and / or damage and / or loss and / or losses as a result of errors and / or failure and / or malfunction and / or damage to the quality, caused directly or indirectly by use of the site and / or its content, including as a result of malfunction or failure of the Internet.
  • The only law applicable to the parties is solely Israeli law, and the sole and exclusive authorized by the court to consider any differences and / or conflicts and / or claims and / or claims and / or lawsuits is competent Tel Aviv court.
  • Site and / or this User Agreement and / or these terms of use are translated and / or may be translated for the convenience of users in different languages, including Russian and / or English and / or any other language. Translation is for convenience only, and the obligatory language in any case of conflict and / or lack of clarity and / or interpretation of a text is formulated in Hebrew.