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Take a look around , checking past debts Featured collateral , payment services, Meter reading and important documents – and some tests you should take before renting an apartment

Just before signing the rental contract and deposit checks with the landlord , you should perform some important tests that allow you to move to the new destination with peace of mind and avoid unnecessary friction with the future .

Before renting an apartment – what is important to find out ?

  • Revisited – naturally free time to visit the apartment for rent is the weekend. But it is precisely during that time may receive an incorrect picture – both the property itself and the region. However, since weekends are quieter and regional activities carries a different character. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the apartment even one day a week.
  • A tour of the region – should visit nearby apartment in order to get an impression of it, to learn about the existence (or absence) of public buildings, shopping centers and educational institutions, to identify « hazards » different and to learn firsthand about the parking situation.
  • Important documents – just as the owner of an apartment for rent seeks to verify the identity of the prospective tenant by showing an identity card, so make sure the identity of the landlord and the ownership of the property. If possible, you may want to ask the current tenants-tenants opinions on the landlord.
  • Rent – is important to ensure not only the amount of the rent, but also the number of payments (monthly payment, number of payments, or payment of one per year). Also, check whether the rent fixed or linked to any currency or index.
  • Related payments – Check the level of the fixed payment, including taxes and fees to the house. Recommended ask to see a property tax bill to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • Past debts – you should make sure that the property is not burdened by debts (taxes, electricity, etc.). On entering the apartment should be performed every meter readings of electricity and water – the presence of the owner.
  • Home Insurance – It is recommended to find out whether there is an asset and the amount of insurance policy coverage.
  • Photo of the apartment – a day before entering the apartment, or at the latest at the beginning of the transition day itself, you should shoot it (cell phone camera or camera home would suffice). However, in order to prevent possible future dispute with the landlord about the situation which has been delivered.
  • Professional advice – important tip of all: even if it seems the rental contract is standard and a standard – can hide « surprises ». Therefore, it is recommended that an attorney, a lawyer or another knowledgeable legal professional will review the contract – before signing.

Key sections lease

  • Entry and exit – the start date and end lease, preferably with the addition of Zion hours.
  • Rent – the amount, type of currency and type of linkage (if any).
  • Early termination – Article detailing the option to terminate the contract (both in terms of landlord and tenant) before the original deadline, by giving notice.
  • Extension option – if there is an option to extend the contract beyond the original date (for example, for a further year), specify in the contract the existence of this option.
  • Details of payment – the day in which the transferred rents, or any other date or dates agreed. Specify the means of payment: check, cash, credit card or bank transfer. In the event that the prepaid by check, write them « only beneficiary » and specify the contract number and due date.
  • Details of collateral – a bank guarantee is the best option for the landlord and tenant for the worst, because you can exercise it at any time and without notice. If, however, agreed on a bank guarantee, it is advisable to limit its amount and specify the landlord must notify the tenant in advance of its intention to implement it. Other options are granting Check one or more checks which will be listed « security check – not negotiable »; IOU, that it should be restricted through the registry « only beneficiary »; Arab and signing of the contract.
  • The apartment – in case the tenant gets an apartment with some flaws, this should be indicated in the contract and also recommended to add photo depicting the eclipse.
  • List items – Please note any contract with the apartment leased item (for example, a living room). This section should emphasize the landlord is responsible to repair damaged due to normal wear item naturally, while the tenant is responsible to repair the damaged item as a result of unreasonable treatment.
  • Home maintenance – section indicating the landlord is responsible for all repairs and treatments related to the structure (walls, plumbing, electricity, etc.) as well as the building itself. However, while the tenant is responsible to keep the apartment and carry all current payments. It is recommended to specify the time period during which the landlord to take care of a particular defect repair.
  • Fundamental breach – all lease includes such a clause specifying what is a fundamental breach brings to cancel the contract immediately. Sometimes, the wording is too vague and sometimes too sweeping. It is desirable to reduce the section to the extent possible and be content with the fact that only the non-payment of rent at the time constitutes a fundamental breach of contract.