Family Green

To make our life more environmentally friendly at home , no need to break down the walls or change the location of the pipeline . Here are some simple suggestions and simple to perform , that will save you money and contribute to a green environment and cleaner

In recent years , awareness of protecting the environment in Israel and around the world is increasing, and many green organizations have been speaking out and going struggles over the future of the planet . However, the individual contribution of each of us the environment is not necessarily measured by the public or participation in mass protests . It begins in the little things and the lifestyle we lead everyday .

Even in our own , we can operate more economically , reduce the consumption of valuable resources such as electricity and water and reduce the amount of waste thrown into the dustbin . How to do it ? No major changes are required to the design or structure of a home , but a little daily attention and perseverance .

Saving water

Water is a scarce resource in Israel , due to the lack of water sources and lack of desalination plants . There are several ways to use intelligent and economical water in the home :

Installing water saving devices : water saving devices and regulators are made ​​of metal or plastic to be installed on the shower head and faucets . These devices save about half the normal water consumption without reducing the intensity of the flow of water in the taps . Installing water saving devices is a quick and simple operation carried out by any person . There is no need for ordering a technician or plumber to install water saving devices at home .

Collecting rainwater : rainwater are clean, fresh water permissible in a variety of household uses , such as washing floors , washing toilets and watering of trees and plants . The rainwater can collect large plastic containers or containers dedicated placed outdoors or under the eaves , drain the water accumulated on the roof .

Irrigation water and gray : gray water they use for drinking water undergoing one such as washing floors , washing machine , air conditioners or shower , and can be reused for irrigation of trees or plants . Use of gray water for irrigation does not require advanced filtering systems , only storage of water at the end of first use.

Waste Recycling

The average family in Israel produces about 2,700 kg of waste per year . About 40 % of it is organic household waste such as food scraps , fruit and vegetables . A large part of household waste can be recycled easily , by separation of paper and plastic bottles and throwing them to designated recycling bins . even the organic waste can be recycled fairly simple process , by turning it into compost is used as fertilizer for plants and flower pots .

Power Save mode

Several domestic appliances operate on electricity has increased steadily rising standard of living and changing needs of an average family . Power consumption of the home appliance depends on the power required for its operation and the number of hours during which it is operated . You can reduce household electricity consumption in several ways :

Efficient use of electricity consumers wasteful : dishwasher , dryer and washing machine are examples of instruments that are used frequently , but consume considerable amount of power . However, you can optimize their electricity consumption by operation as they are filled as much as possible and work programs shorter in low temperatures .

Sealing openings: effective sealing of windows and doors maintains the desired temperature and prevents the escape of heat or cold ( depending on season ) room. Closing doors in empty rooms reduces the surface area to be heated or cooled , reducing the intensity and duration of action required for the air conditioner .

Cost-effective lighting : LED lights ( acronym for Light Emitting Diode ) emitting light with an electric current is very low, and thus help to save energy . LED bulbs use light source creates stable for a long time , because their life span is 6 times that of a standard incandescent bulb .

You can find a variety of lighting fixtures and lamps that use LED bulbs in kitchens , bathrooms , bedrooms , terraces and gardens .

Solar Garden lighting : solar lamps do not consume electricity thanks to their ability to store and use sunlight located in Israel in abundance . Solar lights are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to illuminate gardens , courtyards and balconies exposed to sunlight during the day . Existing market large selection of solar garden lights in various forms : chains for hanging lamps , hand-made decorative sculptures , lampposts and more .

As you can see , there are many ways to make our own more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly . No need to make drastic changes – even replacing the bulb can make a difference.