Get the best secured room


Home security space is used in most homes in the storage room or pantry , but you can use it to create a games room or study room cozy and comfortable . You may design the shelter and the limitations of safety ?

Following the sensitive security situation in Israel , the shelter ( apartment protected space ) became an integral part of the house . Since the early nineties committed to new homes include concrete safe room , designed to protect tenants security threat situations .

Security importance of the shelter is not in doubt , but its size , type walls , doors and windows , making it not just a design challenge . However , there are some changes you can make to make it to the secured room storage room used during times of war comfortable and cozy room facilities for members Home .

What are the recommended uses for the safe room ?

The shelter can not be used as a kitchen, bathroom or toilet . Advisable to use secondary needs such as a games room or study , are used a few hours a day . It is also advisable to ventilate the shelter for an hour a day to Stay will be pleasant and comfortable.

What is allowed or should do?

Paint the walls of the shelter – many are not aware of it , but the Home Front Command directives state that the safe room must be painted as follows : the walls , door frames , doors , openings and ventilation pipes marked with yellow band light emitter . Light switches , door handles and paint markings electrical power also emits colored light . This painting makes it easy to find the escape hatch of danger and helps to pinpoint the dark power . Can soften the paint through most walls, furniture , curtains or carpet integrate with the design of the room .

Laminate flooring – you can tile the floor of the shelter ordinary tiles or parquet flooring laminate and finish them shortly before crossbar as long as the door is installed in its place .

Installing an air conditioner – there is no reason to install an air conditioner in the room to sweeten the stay in it , but it is important to make sure when installing the air conditioner is supplied metal plate to seal air inlet , when necessary possible to block the air outlet direction and prevent the penetration of gases shelter.

Drilling of walls – walls can be drilled in favor Hanging shelves or pictures , but it is important to remember that the walls of the room are made of concrete and use a hammer against . Drilling using a standard drill or use a hammer and nail simply not effective in that case .

Knesset pots and plants – the plants have several positions secured room . The first is the creation of oxygen – the product of the process of photosynthesis they perform . Second , plants create a relaxing atmosphere and add green color and a fresh smell to the room. Finally , placing potted plants and plant room softens the monotony of the yellow color of the walls .

Knesset appliances – are only allowed to connect to the shelter media such as radio , television and the Internet to allow tenants to contact and receive updates when necessary . It is recommended to install a wired telephone in the room , which will be used for communication in cases where no other means are available .

Lights – to sweeten your stay protected space and allow for the play house and read it , you may want to illuminate the room through reading lamps or floor lamps . These lamps are not a substitute for emergency lighting needed to invent a secured room and not in everyday use .

The door of the shelter – you can decorate and add color to the front door through the hanging of paintings , photographs , and various magnetic games that can be found in any toy store .

Means B & Recreation – when necessary , tenants may be found secured room for hours . For this reason it is advisable to furnish the security space comfortable seating means such as bean bags , mattresses , sofa beds , cots and pillows .

What not to do ?

Installation bars – the window is installed in a protected space designed to allow the occupants to escape from in an emergency or in a situation where prevented from leaving the front door . We must not block them through bars or other obstacles . However , do not interfere with the folding bars opening and closing of windows – are allowed .

Cover vents – filtration and ventilation system is designed to filter air in case of non-conventional and allows the stay in the sealed room for hours . Safety is important in high and must not under any circumstances block its ventilation openings . The filter system makes the purification of air through charcoal filters , which absorb moisture when not in use . To ensure integrity in an emergency situation , it is required to conduct periodic inspection once a year . Standard 4570 establishes a filtration system will be fixed to the wall and ready for emergency use .

Storage of flammable materials or fragile – there is a blanket ban on the storage of flammable materials , toxic or life threatening to humans such as gas for heating , cooking gas, etc. secured room . In addition, it is advisable to avoid using brittle materials such as glass doors, cabinets , mirrors and so on .

There are many ways to make the shelter a family room cozy and comfortable , as long as refraining from making changes to unsafe harm the functioning of the shelter in an emergency situation , and insist on the presence of proper emergency kit containing : emergency lighting , first aid kit , a fire extinguisher , a list of essential telephone numbers and personal protective kits .