Management Companies – Who is it for ?

Modern apartment buildings feature sophisticated systems , for many tenants and the need for regular maintenance professionals . Often prefer to turn to external company house , so he can maintain and manage the building as required . What these companies offer management and how to choose the company that will fit the needs of your building ?

Rapid technological advances that characterize the 21st century affects all aspects of life: health, nutrition, employment, education and even the nature of the residence. In the past, we would live in homes with little apartment, we knew all the neighbors and took part in the committees which took care of the upkeep of the building, today the situation is very different: higher buildings, more tenants and relations with them are the same. To add to the difficulty – sophisticated systems for buildings shared constant: water pressure systems, parking and electric gates, solar systems, elevators and sometimes even a gym and a Jacuzzi. All of these require dedicated care of qualified professionals. A representative of the House, no matter how diligent, can not always take care all of them under his wing.

The help of large apartment buildings, tenants arrive management companies – external companies that specialize in comprehensive maintenance of buildings . Employing a management company has a few advantages , led by removing concern over the heads of occupants in all areas related to the maintenance of the building :

Current treatments for the common areas : building aesthetic importance , such as gardening and cultivation of the common yard , cleaning the lobby and stairwells and common emptying the trash room .

Preventive treatment : operations performed at regular intervals by professionals to take preventive measures , such as disinfection of water reservoirs , periodic pest control , tarring roofs and preparing the building for the winter .

Troubleshooting : immediate treatment failures such as ruptures of water or a short in the electrical system by certified professionals .

In comparison to the dues paid by the tenant , the monthly payment to the management company may be higher and is affected by factors such as : the contract signed between the company and representatives of tenants , number of apartments in the building and dimen- sions , the scope of maintenance and frequency , the systems installed in the building and additives such as elevators , Dohsni trash , garage owner electric gate , common asylum garden, rich in vegetation and so on . For this reason the management company recommended solution for buildings which are home to 20 tenants and over or building where there is common systems that require sophisticated professional maintenance frequency .

It is important to emphasize that the management company is not a substitute committee of the house, but a professional body that helps the committee to manage and maintain the building . Council acts both as an intermediary between tenants and management company as a supervisory body that ensures the Management Company will carry out its work properly . In some cases the house committee takes part in collecting the monthly payments of the tenants .

Search process management company starts building a thorough research about the credibility of the company : the growing demand led management companies offer a wide range of companies , without criteria set by law . There are many stories about the bitter experience of the tenants who have paid to the management company for six months in advance , which declared bankruptcy and was gone without delivering the services they have undertaken . To avoid these situations , it is important to perform a thorough research about the company that would like to hire .

What checked when communicating with the management company ?

  • Business registration with the commercial register

  • The Company’s experience and documents attesting to its being a financial strength .

  • Ensuring the existence of an insurance policy that covers any damage that may be caused to acquire joint employer liability , professional liability insurance and third party.

  • Recommendations residents of other buildings managed by the company and its clients , past and present .

  • Is the management company works with professionals ( plumbers , gardeners , electricians ) permanent or temporary employees ? Do they have professional training and certification ?

    Being caught company meets the criteria required and services offered to meet the needs of residents , formulate preferably through a lawyer, a labor agreement that defines the following:

  • Remittance services management company will be supported by monthly check or prepaid for a longer period .

  • Getting a bank guarantee or collateral on behalf of the company against the funds paid by the tenants . This reduces the chances of falling victim to a dubious company that disappears after a few months .

  • Undertaking from the presentation of an annual program and budget distribution that includes the components of the management fees for each tenant , because the management fee varies depending on the size of the apartment .

  • Details of the services offered by the company and their frequency . For example : How many times a week, wash the stairs ? How often comes gardener to tend the garden ? Is floods also handles plumber on weekends ? Is the roof shirt- annually ?

    Finally , remember that the contract with the management company is an inextricable , and if partial satisfaction with the functioning of the management company , you can replace it with another company with the support of owners holding two – thirds of the common property in the building.