Move with a smile

How to Find a Reliable Moving Company , effective and give you peace of mind on the transition and ensure that all valuables are your heart will wholly new apartment

Moving is a complex process – both physically and mentally . One of those pitfalls must undergo new apartment is the choice of trucking company , and it seems that almost all of us having past or heard about poor service provided by any company . To avoid last-minute surprises , it is recommended to find a timely professional trucking company that works under a contract arranged and signed , which will insure the entire furniture and personal effects and lead them to your new apartment with caution .

How to choose Moving Company ?

Like other areas , no consultations with acquaintances who have recently apartment , which can give you recommendations about good conduct transport companies in terms of service , price and professionalism . In addition , communities engaged in leading the apartments can be found in many recommendations on professional companies alongside warnings unreliable companies should be wary of them . Focused on a trucking company often mentioned positively as possible , and detailed messages about her recommendation to the extent possible .

Insurance validity checking and certificates

One way to ensure the reliability and trucking company is to check your business documents : a valid business license , a driver ‘s driving license company , vehicle licenses used for the conveyance and of course checking trucking insurance policy . Be sure to check if the transport insurance is comprehensive insurance for all types of transportation , what the deductible , how long before you get compensation if the injury occurred and what happens if your property insurance company refuses to approve the compensation you deserve . The sections are preferably added prior to the contract signed between you and the moving company.

How is the bid ?

Trucking company that respects itself will send a representative to your home , to gauge for himself the amount of content and will bid accordingly. During his visit , be sure to mention to delegate all logistical details that might add to the cost of transport , such as :

  • The existence of the elevator or alternatively a number of floors in the old and new to you go .

  • Driving distance from the old house to the new house .

  • Are there difficulties in access or parking in the old or the new ?

  • Are there any furniture that require dismantling to exit through the doors or furniture which can not be ?

  • Are there cases with particularly heavy content ( books , for example ) ?

  • Are there any objects or furniture fragile or valuable , to take care when transferring ?

  • As the representative in your home , delayed on the ins and outs and go deep into the pricing to avoid an unexpected addition .

  • Conformed to advance the height of the tip received by the guides.

Drafting a contract with a trucking company

Once you have received a quote that includes all information relating to transport , signed a contract detailing all the information agreed upon between you and the moving company , so as not to surprise you with different toppings and creativity S »tztzot  » day shipping . The contract is important to note the date and time of transport and the section detailing the amount of compensation in case of delays at the scheduled time .

Agree in writing all details of the contents of the home : furniture and belongings list , evaluating Cmothargzim required if you are interested you additional services such as assistance to the company ‘s packing before moving , unloading crates at the new , disassembly and furniture .

Determining the date and time for transportation

Be sure to specify in the contract the date and time you have set with the moving company . Take into account that the cost of transport varies depending on the period year – families with children taking advantage of the great freedom to move as students who start or finish their studies , which boosts prices during this period . Therefore , it is better to make the move so the transition seasons , including lower transportation demand and lower prices accordingly.

Choosing the day of transport favored the middle of the month ( beginning and end are the days crowded and expensive ) and days during the week , because then the cheaper transportation . Set the lead until early morning before the movers come to you fresh and alert and will finish the passage before dark .

Preparations day shipping

Pack your belongings room by which they are designed in a new and clearly mark the boxes with colorful stickers . This indicates that they reach the top with room to put the boxes are designed for and to save you searching for lost cases .

On the transition , take a day off work and avoid plans for the evening so you can accompany and monitor the transition and make sure the guides are careful in carrying furniture and crates fragile new home .

Be prepared for delays that are not dependent on the shipping company such as traffic jams , parking problems or outages and keep calm even if things do not go exactly as you had planned .

Go easy and pleasant !