Safe room for everyone

The Israeli daily routine , the shelter is an integral part of the house and provides protection against earthquakes and missile threat . How safe room can be added to an existing dwelling and the correct way and paid to do this ? Below details

Security tension was felt on its southern border and north of the State of Israel recently demonstrated many citizens the necessity and importance of the shelter – a safe space in his apartment. At present, most Israeli cities are within range of the rockets and missiles capable of carrying chemical warheads . Another cause for concern is the fact that Israel’s location along the Great Rift Valley where her at high risk of occurrence of earthquakes powerful in its territory , which could cause extensive damage to buildings and even lead to their collapse .

To protect civilians in both cases , were published in 1991 regulations requiring all residential building construction of MCM or safe room – reinforced concrete protected space , which gives occupants shelter from the top and explosion injuries and partial protection against attack unconventional measures .

In 2010, the updated criteria defined standards shelter , which can satisfy the needs of a family of 6 persons in an emergency : It must be greater than 9 square meters , its height should range from 2.5 to 2.8 meters long and 1.60 meters should be at least . To provide adequate protection against direct hits on the outer walls of the shelter being cast reinforced concrete thickness of 25 cm or more. Door and window should be sealed penetration of polluted air and gas materials , and are designed to withstand the page.

Adding a safe room in encouraging state

Today , each apartment is entitled to add security space without detracting from the building rights of other tenants of the building . Citizens who want to add a safe room of their apartment must meet prescribed size settings . Residents of homes built before 1991 and who do not have a common shelter or safe room , receive exemptions from the state to encourage the process of adding the shelter :

– The shelter is not included in the main area of construction rights so even if all of the building were used in part to build a safe room can be a normal procedure of building permit .

– A shelter for overtime beyond the lines of CBP ( city construction plan ) forms the basis for all planning areas of authority and includes the provisions of the plan which details the existing building rights area , to the boundary of the field .

– Amount of time allowed for the building permits for the safe room is 30 days from the date of application , compared to ordinary requests which allotted time is 60-90 days .

– A shelter improvement tax exempt when paid to other asset building rights that raise the value .

– Relief with the approval of the Planning and Building Committee – in view of the importance of the shelter committees tend Planning and Construction approved the construction , adding reinforced rooms or reject objections in respect of the application neighbors .

The construction of the shelter can be made independently or through an entrepreneur – the framework plan 38. If planning and engineering constraints do not allow adding a protected space that meets minimum sizes , a safe room can be added to a smaller space , as long as it provides for protection .

A shelter independently : Adding a safe room costs independently vary depending on the size of the shelter , the type of doors and windows installed in it , the air filtration system and other parameters , and is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars .

Casting requires a shelter in a concrete foundation walls and ceiling to the ground – so that the occupants of the upper floors depend on the willingness of the occupants of the first floor to give their consent to the establishment of a protected area, as well as the consent of the majority of the apartments .

A shelter of 38 NOP : a solution that provides peace of mind and ensures professional results without the costs from the applicant the shelter is adding a safe room as part of plan 38. The process of consolidation and upgrade the building plan 38 also includes adding a safe room meets all the criteria defined in the law and licensing procedures complex – as the developer of the project is subject construction costs . However , it is important to note that some projects , adding the shelter depends on additional limitations as parking solutions and objections of neighbors that may affect the planning process , as well as the policy of the local authority topic .

Adding a safe room in this manner saves considerable costs to tenants , the need to regulate building permits as well as the complex behavior in front of professionals . In addition , before starting the project developer cares for the required approval of the tenants , and within this framework also includes the authorization to add security space per apartment .

Adding a safe room of 38 NOP carried out the planning process takes into account factors such as apartment building , internal divisions and the exterior of the building . This ensures that the end result will be to the satisfaction of all residents of the building and will not harm the quality of life in common building .