The right way to sell an apartment

Light painting , cleaning , removal of unnecessary objects , Marketing highlighting the benefits and some important tips that may advance the proceedings of the sale Apartment

The decision to sell an apartment may actually turn out to be a long and sometimes exhausting . But forward-thinking , following a few simple steps and recognition of some guidelines strictly related and may help shorten the schedule – to the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers .

  • Basic Painting – holes, cracks and stains on the walls of the apartment may deter potential buyers. Therefore, you should buy a small amount of paint or lime, brush and filler and handle points that require correction. When it comes to patches of mold, it is important to take care of first mold materials suitable for this and only then paint. This is a low financial investment and a relatively simple job that does not deprive a long time – and the result will be a significant improvement in the overall appearance of the apartment.
  • Cleanliness and order – first impression a house or apartment is greatly affected by its order and cleanliness. Thus, around the time that potential buyers should get to the tour, it is advisable to spend a few minutes arranging and organizing furniture and even perform basic cleaning. The smell is also an element that affects the sense of the auditor and energies at home. Preferably worry about the smell pleasant atmosphere, using scents sprayers, incense or even baking a cake distributor of home fragrance. Equally important: have to worry about cleaning the stairwell and the driveway to the building regularly and Scsbaim visitors a pleasant sensation of a residential building and well treated.
  • Nonessentials – important potential buyers can get an impression of space and space was there. Apartment loaded with a smaller dimension looks real. Therefore, you should leave a vacuum and clean as possible: to move furniture and some other rooms, a warehouse or a shelter, or just get rid of them.
  • Schedule and cost – before marketing the apartment has set a price that represented on the one hand the value and aspirations of its owners, on the other hand would be feasible and attractive. As expected haggling, have to decide in advance the « last price » Property owners will be willing to settle in. In addition, there are set a realistic timetable for evacuation of the apartment, and if possible try to prepare for the discovery of flexibility on the issue, in order to meet the prospective buyer.
  • Marketing of the apartment – the property can be marketed several methods and combine them: use a mediator-estate agent, put an ad in the relevant tables in newspapers or on the Internet, to advertise on social networks, hang announcement on the bulletin board of the building itself, and of course to update friends and family on the sale and ask them to pass the information on.
  • Online ad – boards network in recent years have pushed the role of boards in the printed media. However, since some cyber tables do not charge a fee for the ad and attach them to multiple photos – and as we know there is no good eye sight. Good to know: total online ad one or more winning number of views is substantially higher than an ad that does not include Visual. Immediately after the flat organization should take pictures – the camera home or even using a mobile phone camera – a number of crisp and clear images of some parts of the apartment highlighting the advantages and attach them to an ad cyber tables.
  • Highlighting the benefits – marketing the apartment should emphasize the advantages and ‘to tell « the asking price. The existence of certain elements will increase the degree of attractiveness and may speed up the sale process, so be sure to note them in the marketing process. For example, a new kitchen, a hot tub, a new heater, balcony, alarm system, a smart house etc. – all these will add to the initial impression and possibly speed up the financial negotiation stage. Highlighting the apartment’s location advantages such as proximity to centers commercial, educational institutions and public gardens can compensate for the lack of luxury extras inside the apartment.
  • TAMA 38 – many benefits of the plan 38 should be reflected in the marketing of an apartment for sale last procedure or about to enter into the project plan 38 apartment after the kit has been upgraded and raised the standard of living of its residents. Apartment stands towards Login national Master plan – will ensure that purchasers private property with a future value is higher, which is building a modern, attractive and safe from the danger of earthquakes . signage will put the developer on the front of the building, which includes, for example, imaging his end of the project, may illustrate the potential and increase also the attractiveness of property.
  • Visits apartment – when the apartment offered for sale is an apartment inhabited by people, should allow for potential personal visit, where they will be impressed by the cozy home atmosphere. However, when the property offered for sale is not populated, preferably pre-set range of convenient hours to visit and create « movement buyers’ property. The fact that those interested can see other people who are interested in the purchase may produce a form of psychological pressure and promote the sale process.
  • Attorney Specialist – Selling a home is a large and complex transaction, which requires professional knowledge and understanding of real estate. Even before the publication of the sale ad has to call a lawyer specializing in the field, in order to accompany the sale process from start to finish. Although this expense – this is not the place to save, because the price of a sale transaction that went wrong could be high and painful.