Through the winter at home – safely

In winter the house of underlying real test . What should examine how to improve the durability of the house during the cold season ?

Stormy weather and rains that characterize the current winter may reveal the existence of internal and external defects around the house – in the days after the rain suddenly appear water stains on the walls , peeling paint and water accumulate in the grooves in the windows . What to do? Several simple tests will enable you to calamity prone areas , to treat them and prevent further damage .

Most tests can be performed without special equipment or knowledge , but the treatment of the problem, especially if the electricity left to qualified professionals .

Tests away from home

Roof – to leaks and water infiltration into the home , check whether the sealing layer on the roof complete , uniform , without cracks or damage are clearly noticeable . Inadequate drainage outlets roof-lining or cause the formation of puddles of water that may seep into the ceiling and cause mildew and mold stains on the walls , swelling and Htklfoiot ceiling color , smell unpleasant mold and cracks in the walls . To renew the sealing of the roof there are three common methods : bituminous sheets prevailing modern construction , bituminous asphalt hot seller C »zft  » – an old method of sealing popular and returns , or acrylic materials .

Drains – drains allow rainfall to drain from the roof to not be created puddles . In order to drain water properly carried out , make sure gutters are not clogged by leaves and debris . Swept the roof and remove debris that had accumulated in the openings . To keep drains clean is recommended to install networks for openings .

Gutters – gutters made ​​of various materials with variable resistance to rust and weather damage . They have an important role in the drainage of rainwater so it is important to ensure the integrity of the entire length of the gutter pipe and check that is not rusted or crumbling . If the surface cracks or holes – replace the defective part . For checking the gutter is clogged , threaded pipe and pumped in water at low intensity . Water injection helps gutter cleaning the inside and allow you to find out whether the drainpipe is functioning properly . If trees grow near the gutter , it is advisable to prune them to the falling leaves will not clog the pipe and openings .

Solar water heater – solar water heaters operate during the winter intensively to provide hot water for all household members . Padding is essential to check the taps solar collectors and make sure not to have dried to prevent leaks and waste water . It is recommended to clean with a soft, dry cloth to the glass surface of the solar panels and remove the dust accumulated on it during the summer and fall to improve the absorption of sunlight waning winter . Equally important to treat water heater inside and clean up the layer of tartar builds up and causes a waste of energy and may even lead to burning heater .

External walls – outside walls of the house cracks may damage the insulation of the house and allow penetration of moisture and moisture . To re- sealing is required to remove the coating peeling , expand the cracks and then fill them with polyurethane foam , finishing materials and end color . As damp external walls , use a transparent coating repels rain , which prevents moisture penetration from the outside, but also allows the wall to « breathe  » and drive off the moisture .

Roofs – the examination of the integrity of shingles is recommended during the day by looking tiles and identification of sources of light rays entering indicative of inadequate sealing between the tiles. It is important to pay attention to its displaced shingles or cracked and must be replaced . According to the Israeli standard duty anchor each tile Wednesday with screws or binding .

Cabinets – cabinets that are located outdoors and exposed to weather , constitute a safety hazard if not sealed properly . Essential to ensure caskets do not allow penetration of water inside and are lockable . If the fuses were jumping last winter , call an electrician has checked driven .

Tests carried out in-house

Basements and damp rooms – in order to prevent the formation of mildew in cellars and in rooms exposed to moisture , it is recommended to paint the walls prevents paint contains special active substances that inhibit the growth of mildew and mold formation on the surface of the paint layer walls . In addition , these rooms can be put in a plastic device containing a moisture absorbing crystals that operates without electricity for two to three months . The crystals absorb the moisture and leave the room dry and pleasant . After three months the facility has to empty and refill the plastic .

Sealing windows – When you come to check the status of Windows Home Notice the connection point between the window frame and the outer wall . In the case of cracks , peeling the old sealant and adhesive Fliaoritni infarct spread effectively . To prevent water accumulation window rails important to clean the drains profile rails and make sure not blocked .

Air Conditioner – after the summer where the air conditioner worked intensively , it is important to clean and replace air conditioner filters . Clean or replace the filters allows for easier flow of air and saves electricity . Once the replacement is recommended to run the air conditioner in the heat and make sure it is properly warming .
Winter warm and dry !