What is the common house rules


How will you ensure that the building was upgraded and well maintained will remain so for long ? How can I prevent financial disputes regarding the maintenance of common areas in the building, and how to regulate issues such as parking and rights on the roof garden ? All you need to know the rules of the condominium

Roni Krodnr 

Upgrading the joint building of 38 NOP apartment owners require quite a bit of investment in design thinking – how they would like to see their new home . However , even after the project is going to face a challenge – preserving building new condition over time , so that they can benefit from it and the increase in the value of the property for many years .

This issue could cause quite a bit of friction , foremost of which is the financial issue . Most of us will prefer to invest money in favor of purchasing a new TV or a trip abroad over concerns for gardening or stairwell . Priorities is absurd , because the benefits of the acquisition of TV tenfold lower economic betterment resulting from investment in construction and appearance . Investment in building maintenance also contributes greatly to the quality of life of Residents of the building and create a pleasant living environment .

In order to arrange these issues and other issues existing rules of the condominium , the occupants of which defines the actions necessary to preserve the building and the costs involved.

What is the rules of the condominium and what it regulates ?

Terms condominium is an agreement signed between the owners of the condominium rights themselves , that defines the use of common property , with all that entails – ownership of the property and its ongoing maintenance . Articles constitute a legal document that defines the relationship between landlords regarding their rights and obligations towards the house ( property ) in common . For example , the billing arrangements are set maintenance costs of the building – is paid according to the size of the apartment or the number of rooms in the house ? Are some tenants require the maintenance of a specific area such as the roof or yard ?

Another area that handles policies is common property rights arrangements . Often , owners of apartment building land use for the benefit of some common garden area . Use it should be set to the articles of association of the condominium , not just the Land Registration Bureau . So even in the event of a rooftop apartment has building rights on the roof of the building . The common policies will determine not only the rights to use the roof , but also regulate the issue of rights .

What is the importance of shared rules when it comes to NMP 38 ?

When it comes to building plan 38 passes , the importance of substantive policies even more . As part of the plan 38 are joined to the building of new rights holders , and sometimes common property rights are different rights of existing tenants . For example , parking attached at the request of the local authority to a new building , should be defined laws. In some cases add modifiers building robotic parking ( parking floors ) , it is necessary to define the issue of cost and their maintenance .

How does the regulations to maintain the appearance of the building ?

Renovated facade of the building is of great value for both existing owners and for the new owners . Therefore , you should determine our policies clear instructions conservation design elements . For example – Prohibition on removal of air conditioners and compressors out a way that harms the architectural appearance of the building , maintenance and exterior parts of the building , maintenance and convenience of showcases, windows , landscaping and more .

What is the role of the entrepreneur in formulating policies ?

It is very important that the company initiated the plan 38 residents worry not only during project implementation , but its attention in the long run , and will ensure that the tenants maintain the property renovated over the years . Integral refurbishment program at a high level is the insistence that the quality will be maintained over time . preservation of the building is actually also in the interest of the promoter , since the appearance of the building today and a decade reflect the quality of its work and make up her card .

What is the difference between a condominium rules and standard rules ?

Standard policies usually suitable housing estate with a simple structure , without the various apartments without clinging to parts of the common property of some apartments . When it comes in a condominium complex structure of rights which , for example one that has a mix of garden apartments , duplex and penthouse apartments , or apartments attached to them special parking solution , creates a complex our policies help solve common work process more entrepreneurial phase .

What is important in formulating policies to guarantee that a comprehensive and useful?

Formulation of policies should reflect the quality of life which are aimed at tenants . Do they want a rundown , with no vegetation , a leaking roof parking is falling apart ? Or do they aspire to the highest standards groomed ? Between these two extremes you can find the frame that fits all tenants , taking into account the elements of gardening , cleaning , painting and other elements of the development of the common property .